Subdued TeXShop Color Scheme

Instructions to make TeXShop’s color scheme more… acceptable.

TeXShop has default font and colors that is not conducive to long stretches of writing.  A more subdued color scheme, and a serif font, makes it much more pleasant to look at:

Font selection is contained in Preferences.  Color change, however, requires going into command line (Terminal, A):

The color scheme in the diagram is achieved with the following lines:

defaults write TeXShop commentred 0.4

defaults write TeXShop commentgreen 0.4

defaults write TeXShop commentblue 0.4

defaults write TeXShop commandred 0.09

defaults write TeXShop commandgreen 0.28

defaults write TeXShop commandblue 0.51

Thanks to amychr for reporting on the syntax.


5 thoughts on “Subdued TeXShop Color Scheme

  1. Ah, that is Adobe Warnock Pro. If you’re writing code/LaTeX, you may also want to try Inconsolata – it’s like a fixed-width Arial / Arial Narrow that is pleasant to read and write with.

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