Pictorial Guide to Interpreting Infrared Spectra

Having taught spectroscopy for several years, I find that students commonly have a hard time prioritizing IR bands in their spectra interpretation.  After several false starts and long years of procrastination, here’s a pictorial guide that I hope would be clear, accurate, and helpful for learning to interpret IR spectra.  If you wish to use this for print, the PDF version would give better resolution and can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Pictorial Guide to Interpreting Infrared Spectra

    • Hi – thanks for the compliment. I’ve put some scribbles down for an NMR interpretation primer, but with no particular push, that would likely take awhile. I’m tied up by a thesis, and an efficient method to create (10^3) physics/chemistry-related illustrations. Sad for me, I’m more excited about the latter than the former: imagine all the phys/chem wikipedia articles getting high-quality, stylistically similar, factually correct illustrations, and more than that, where instructors/researchers have free access to the sources (together with modification instructions) for their unique needs… big dreams, and we’ll see how that pans out in a year’s time. 🙂

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