Web Adventures: evaluating what to learn

The past few weeks I’ve been greatly distracted while writing. Trying to build a supporting app for my dissertation and the inertia kick from chemdoodle web components brought me to learning Java / JavaScript. I’ve known for sometime that I need to learn web-dev for OpenChemArt (amongst other things), but haven’t put serious thoughts into it. Being a python coder with ancient C++ experience, none of this is familiar grounds.

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ChemDoodles, ISISDraw, BKChem, MarvinBeans, ChemSketch, ChemDraw…

There’s at least a dozen chemical structure editors running under different kinds of licenses and platform, and (ugh) none of them are truly satisfactory.  The latest one I’ve checked out is ChemDoodle, which is somewhat new and have some good things going on.  The existing reviews on the Net dates to 2004/5, so a fresh look at the current capabilities will be useful to the chemist community.  A more comprehensive look will come later (as in, a month or two later); this post is interim notes to remind myself for later, and an invitation for readers’ comments.  What other sketching software should I know about and what are your experiences with them?

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